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Three reasons caused mahogany furniture bullish


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    Mahogany own color, flavor, quality, texture and taste, mahogany furniture is simple thick clumsy exudes natural beauty and rich cultural atmosphere, known as the furniture in the "noble." In recent years, mahogany prices from rising steadily towards the doldrums. Since the second half of this year, mahogany raw material prices rise again, industry sources said the three reasons caused mahogany furniture future bullish.

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    Laos Rosewood into a major force in the market
    Sotheby's Hong Kong auction in 2008, "Qing Dynasty, 18th century gilt carved dark mahogany inlay Shou Shi Bao Caixiu miscellaneous Rueijing Figure six screens" to 11527500 dollar deal, setting the highest price Auction mahogany furniture. In addition to the old mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture, especially by more contemporary crowd welcomed.
    Recently, the reporter visited the Beijing Gaobeidian number within classical mahogany furniture street furniture stores, Laos Rosewood is the most common species, antique three-piece furniture prices from 20,000 yuan to 60,000 yuan range, a few rare several tons of material a large furniture price of 50 million or more. Some types of mahogany furniture, the same raw material, style is also very similar size, but there is a price difference, which, business description, aniseed furniture raw material is high prices, small material stitching lower prices, there are good and bad workmanship direct impact.
    Merchant also said that it was now on the market for sale and some other African wood called "mahogany", although these have mahogany wood some attributes, but not in the country designated five are eight categories of 33 kinds within, even worse through painting and other means to sell fake mahogany, consumer fraud.
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    Their high value and changes in consumer attitudes
    Ancient redwood is a personal symbol of status and wealth, royal red sandalwood and pear is dedicated wood, as times change and improved living standards, mahogany furniture and gradually into the homes of ordinary people.
    Chuan is an auction antique curios Manager Xu said the mahogany prices, regulated international trade is only one reason for the final analysis or mahogany own value. Due to over-exploitation, the current scarcity of mahogany by people attention. Hainan pear, for example, finished at least 20 to 30 years, and now the equivalent of the original material disappeared, rare is the universal law of the market.
    In addition, changes in consumer attitudes are also touted mahogany furniture, one of the reasons. Rampant collection of investment in recent years, consumers in the purchase of furniture into account not only practical, as well as collection of. "The same price, buy a set of European-style furniture, a decade after discount a lot, but mahogany furniture is not only good-looking and durable, there is great potential for appreciation, naturally favored." Xu said.
    >> Trend is expected to rise up to 40% maximum
    With mahogany raw material price increases, Xu pointed out, mahogany furniture prices is an inevitable trend, rose at a conservative estimate of 20% to 30%, and some of the selection of superior workmanship of the furniture or even up to 40%. And ordinary consumers to buy the most low-end mahogany furniture, because the relatively low base price, but also have a greater appreciation of space. At the same time, he reminded consumers to purchase investments can not "subject material is a" theory, should be considered in the furniture design and manufacturing processes, etc.. "Good work is not good material value of the collection will be greatly reduced."
    Currently on the market in addition to the traditional antique furniture, as well as a combination of classical and modern style modern mahogany furniture. Xu said that the traditional antique furniture is not suitable for modern home placement, highlighting the advantages of modern mahogany furniture is one of the hottest markets.
    >> View the "new national standard" is difficult to implement
    As a luxury furniture, mahogany furniture prices easily tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, how to ensure that they are buying a genuine mahogany is extremely concerned about the consumer. February 1 this year, mahogany "GB", "mahogany furniture general technical conditions" formally implemented, according to the regulations, mahogany furniture must be standard, "a book a card a card" before the sale. However, the reporter visited found that the "new national standard" implementation is not ideal, few businesses can produce furniture on the spot "identity", and some of the goods label classification column labeled only "Redwood" word, information blurred.
    Xu said, "the new national standard" is a good proposal, in line with the trend of market standardization mahogany, but objectively, because each species of mahogany with similar attributes, difficult to quantify, identify them very complex, so at this stage, "the new national standard." implementation more difficult.
    How to buy into the market in the cohabitation of true mahogany, Xudong advice: "The best city to buy furniture to large, although the price is a little expensive, but the selection and quality are guaranteed, just to get to the auction house can also be understanding and try to buy If you have a certain skill identification, can go to other places to test yourself gaobeidian eyesight. "
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